PROGRAMMING: bookmarks


This is a collection of MUCH TOO MANY bookmarks that I don't really have time to update or maintain. Many links are probably dead. I do not necessarily endorse the content of any of these bookmarked sites.


Unmaintained Free Software -- Index
Programming Tools (SAC-FTP)
Reusing Internet Explorer and the WebBrowser Control: An Array of Options
Mozilla Control
Lucian Wischik: Programmer
Index of /newdoc/


Languages for the Java VM
Java (Marty Hall)


CS411 - Project
Index of /~esakki/cs416/project
virtual memory (simcore)

Snippets of C code
``A FORTRAN->LISP Translator'' by Kent Pitman (June, 1979)
Lisp Files Main Page
Lisp/C Integration in Eclipse
elisp tutorial
Perl Lessons
Stu's Personal pi page


Tuning the GNU compiler for performance on the Intel platform
Intel(R) Forums Home Page
Intel(R) Math Kernel Library
Index of DIGITAL Visual Fortran Knowledge Base Articles
DN - Re: Vtune 4.0 v.s VC 6.0

Algorithm Design Paradigms - Overview
Catalog of Algorithms for Approximation, Eric Grosse
Michel X. Goemans (Algorithms)
Lecture Notes -- Analysis of Algorithms
Programming a Bolo Robot to Recognize Actions By Example

Programming Bookmarks (Salgado)
Intro to (via UIC) (tm) - The source for quick reference cards
Reference Cards

Jobs | Welcome job search engine
Jobsearch - - the Software Jobs
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Information Technology
PhDs.Org Science, Math, and Engineering Career Site
PhDs.Org Science Career Links
Job Listings: PhdsOrg
CareerMosaic USENET Job List
ESPAN Job Library

Programming Resources

MCP Personal Bookshelf
OnLine Electronic Publishing Collection
Books On-line: COMPUTERS
IT Informatics Tutorials
NCSTRL Home Page
NCSTRL Home Page
Decatomb Production Home Page
Experts Exchange, the #1 Knowledge Sharing Community on the Web. - answers for IT professionals
The Programmers Knowledge Base
Welcome to The Programmer's Link
EMS Professional Software and Consulting
Cora Research Paper Search

Writing Documentation and User Manuals

TechCom Plus Resources

Software Build and Fix, Home Page

A Programming Resource Megasite - Web Rings
Peter Liu 's Programming Languages Page
Paul Hsieh - Programming
Free or shareware compilers, interpreters, operating systems
Old Programming Software Exchange, Buy and Sell
SCIENCE.ORG(tm) Presents: Building a Netscape Plug-In
MSDN Online downloads - SDKs

TeX archives

TeX software

LaTeX Resources ( 3-Oct-1996)
The LaTeX Catalogue Online, CTAN Edition
Sources for TeX Freeware and Shareware
TeX (
tex-archive (UK)
tex-archive (stuttgart)
tex-archive (duke)
EmTeX (FTP cdrom)
Windos-Installation von LaTeX
WinEmTeX (FTP magdeburg)
web2c-win32 windvi
TeX Live
Tex/LateX-Shells f. Windows [Updated: 10/07/98]
The WinEdt Home Page

TeX utilities

Paul Vojta (xdvi)
Tom Rokicki (dvips)
DVIps manual
Seminar, a package from Timothy van Zandt to make slides (Web page maintain by Denis Girou)

TeX Help

LaTeX Frequently Asked Questions
Intro to LaTeX2e (Harvard)
Help On LaTeX Commands
LaTeX help
LaTeX: An introduction
La(TeX) Navigator
An Introduction to LaTeX and AMS-LaTeX
some notes on LaTeX
Tricks for TeX and LaTeX
Some Introductory Notes on LATEX Version
Advanced LaTeX
LaTeX Tricks
Tips 'n' Tricks: MikTeX (and LaTeX)
LaTeX Local Guide
PSfrag (.ps.gz)
Using Imported Graphics in LaTeX2e
LaTeX Maths and Graphics
Including PostScript Files
LaTeX Tricks: Figures
Latex and ps tricks I sometimes need help remembering
Directory of /pub/X11/contrib/applications/pstoedit

The UK TeX Users Group Archive
TUG - TeX Users Group
Jasper Home Page
TeX/LaTeX at DESY Zeuthen
Interesting TeX-related URLs
Donald E. Knuth (TeX)
Leslie B. Lamport (LaTeX)
Servers dedicated to (La)TeX


Overview of Ghostscript
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
Mayura Draw
Internet PostScript Resources
.ps Resources
Bluebook .ps examples
A First Guide to PostScript
PostScript drawing tool
Mathematical PostScript
PStill - PostScript to PDF Converter


Acrobat and PDF at
PStill - PostScript to PDF Converter

Scientific Computing

Bianchi Home Page


Mathematica in Education and Research
Mathematica in Education
Mathematica Manual (Wolfram)
Mathematica (Wolfram)
Mathematica FAQs
Mathematica FAQ (U Mass)
Online Help: Mathematica (U Maryland)
Using Mathematica (wright U)
Mathematica 3 Tip Archive
Mathematica-based Courseware
Coloured expressions
Mathematische Physik - Uni Giessen <MATHEMATICA Programs>
Geometric Objects
Ricci: A Mathematica package for doing tensor calculations in differential geometry
Format (C,F77,Maple,TeX code generation)
Greene: Posets Package
Directory of /pub/cgreene/posets
Posets.m Documentation
LiveGraphics3D Homepage
Illustrated Mathematics
Posets as Mathematica Objects
VRMLConvert Documentation
TAM221 HomePage


Introduction to Scientific Programming Online Resources
Personal WWW page for Robert Israel
Maple Advisor Database
Maple V - Contents
Introduction to Maple (Heck)
Maple mailing list (
Maple (Waterloo)
Maple V Share - Finding Entries
Maple: Technical Support
Maple Lab Manual (WPI)
Maple (U Illinois)
Maple (MIT)
Maple (Utah)
Maple on the Web
Maple V bilingual - MapleArchives
Undocumented & Built-in commands of Maple V
Programming in Maple: The Basics.
Maple V
Maple Index

Maple Tutorials

Maple JumpStart
Introduction to Maple (Davis - Rice U)
Maple Summary
Maple - Indiana University
Birkhäuser - MapleTech
Solving Problems in Scientific Computing using Maple and MATLAB
Penn's Maple Home Page
Maple Worksheets Service Index
Function Evaluation Worksheet
Occasional Maple Worksheets for Calc II
Problem Solving with Maple: A Handbook for Calculus Students

Maple Packages

Posets (Stembridge)
Combinatorial Structures with combstruct
Symbolic Computation Group Home Page
GRTensorII home pages
GRTensorII help
NP-Spinor Package (Talbot)
nptools (use with NP)
Clifford Algebra (Ablamowicz - Gannon U)
Grassmann (Cheb-Terrab UERJ)
Riemann (Portugal/Sautu)
Quarternions with Quaterman (Papegay/ Dalmas)
Quaterman package (Maple)
Integration over Manifold (Riel)
Quantum Mechanics using Maple
PATHINT - Path Integrals (Riel)
Sophia for Mechanics (Lesser)
Animation of the motion of a rigid body (Shapiro)
Finite Element Methods (Maple)
Linear Algebra (with Maple)
SYRUP - Circuit Analysis (Riel)
Syrup Examples
SCHEME - Circuit Diagram (Riel)
Multivariable Calculus in the Lab (Maple)

How To: Convert Maple Plots into Web Images: Part 1
MapleForm (Mathematica to Maple conversion)


Matlab (MathWorks)
Matlab (Utah)
Linear Algebra LINKS
Matlab Index
MATLAB Tutorial
MATLAB primer (linear algebra)
Dr. Qammar's Process Control Class MATLAB files
Scientific Web - Modules and add-on's for Matlab


Mathcad (MathSoft)
Mathcad 6.0 FAQ
Mathcad (Tech Support)
Mathcad Files Around the World

Computer Algebra

SymbolicNet: Listing of SAC Systems
Symbolic Software
UCalc Fast Math Parser (ActiveX component)
UCALC 4.0 Windows multipurpose calculator
CLICAL for Clifford Algebra Calculations
LiDIA-1.1 Manual
JACAL - Table of Contents
Macaulay 2
Macsyma 2.3 Main Page
Comparison of Macsyma and Mathematica
MuPAD Home Page
SIMATH - Computer Algebra (Number Theory)

Geometer's Sketchpad

Math Forum: Corner for Interactive Geometry Software (CIGS)
Math Forum: The Geometer's Sketchpad
JavaSketchpad Center
Envelopes of Lines and Circles
Jim's GSP Library
GSP Lessons.
Dr Geo 0.8.3

Computational archives

Internet Parallel Computing Archive
PDS: The Performance Database Server
Computational Bibliographies
HotGAMS (nist)
Netlib Repository at UTK/ORNL
Numerical Methods (listing)
Numerical Recipes
Caltech - Archetype Textbook
PETSc for Scientific Computing FAQ

Computational Geometry

Computational Geometry
Computational geometry (Erickson)

Parallel Computing / Multiprocessor

London Parallel Applications
Parallel I/O (Dartmouth)


Algorithm courses

Computational Combinatorics and Graph Theory

Lecture notes on graph theoretic algorithms (.ps)
Adocs (for combinatorial structures)

Finite Element Method

Finite Element Resources
Finite Element Method universal resource - FEMur
Finite Element Resources


Bit-Vector documentation
Steffen Beyer - Free Perl and C Software for Download

Floating Point Arithmetic

What Every Computer Scientist Should Know about Floating-Point Arithmetic (Floating Point)
Computer Arithmetic Tragedies
Computer Arithmetic Algorithms Simulator
LKS - Computers - Fixed Point Math
Real/Expr -- Source Codes

Numerical Methods

Numerical Analysis Information
Numerical Recipes (comments)
Template Numerical Toolkit (TNT)
Random number generators -- The pLab Project Home Page
Index to Fortran Library RanPak Routines
Random Number Generators
How can I get random integers? (C FAQ)
How can I generate random numbers with a normal or Gaussian distribution? (C FAQ)

Scientific Web - Comparison of mathematical programs for data analysis
Scientific Computing: C++ versus Fortran
C++ Gets Faster for Scientific Computing
Engineering Software Database - Group List

Computational Linear Algebra

Bibliography on Matrix computations
Matrix Market (nist)
Matrix Manual: Index
Integer Matrix Multiplication
Fritz Keinert (Computational Linear Algebra)
netlib (LinearAlgebra - Dongarra)
LAPACK with f2c
LAPACK 2.0 and BLAS for Linux (ELF, g77)
Blitz++ Home Page
MV++ Numerical Matrix/Vector Classes in C++
Numerical Linear Algebra (CSEP)
Survey of Dense Matrix Methods on Multiprocessors
Information Base on the Solution of Sparse Linear Systems
UC Berkeley CS267 Home Page: Spring 1996
UC Berkeley CS267 Home Page: Spring 1996
Randomized Gaussian Elimination
jack dongarra / courses
Basic Linear Algebra and Optimization classlib


Spacetime Constraints: an Implementation


C++ streams

A Beginner's Guide to C++
The GNU C++ Iostream Library
Chapter 15
ISYS Courses
C++ Newbies FAQ
Lecture Notes #3 for CSCI 330, Spring 1999.
CSI201N: Chapter Eight Lecture Notes
C++ Programming Guide
C++ Binary File I/O

Miscellaneous - Add Undo - Redo support to CDocument
C++ Techniques I
C++ Techniques II
Programmer's Virtual Library
The Language Guide (Computers)
Tom's FAQs
COMDeveloper - The Wrox COM and DCOM Developer Community
Java Education - Is Schrödinger's Cat Object-Oriented?
The World Of ATL - Active Template Library Programming
COM Tutorial Samples: List of Lessons
C/C++ Users Group (CUG)


DJGPP's Web Ring Home Page
Paul's programming bit
Allegro - a game programming library


Writing Portable C++ Code
Index of /~rubin/CPbook/PROGS/C_PROGS/
C++ Source
Cross-Platform Resources
Pedagogical Patterns Project
Source code
Pedagogical Patterns: OOP
The InfoGroep Programming Support Server
INPRISE Developer Support Home Page
CTC Online Courses
College of Computing | ACADEMICS: Classes Using The Web
Matrix and matrix operations
Equation editor - Algebra | OOP | C++ - FREE Demo
Thomas John VanDrunen
Source code for Matrix class
Intro to Computer Graphics - TOC
The C++ Programming Language
Robert Davies (Matrix)
CSCI298C Chapters (Java)


The GNU C Library - Table of Contents
Online C Textbook (Hawaii)
EL165 Introduction to Computing (Soton)
Programming in C
C tutorial (Unice, France)
Introduction to C Programming
CIOS 361 Lectures

C++ Bookmarks

The Development Exchange
The C Coders Home Page
C and C++ (Strange Creations)
Programming Languages: C and C++
Jon's C++ Resources Directory
Virtual C++ Library
Object-Oriented Pages
Charles Prineas Links - C/C++
Sites of interest to C++ users
The Programmer's Source - C/C++ Windows Development
C++ References
Brad Appleton's C++ Links
Cetus Links: 8280 Links on Object-Orientation
Cetus Links: 8280 Links on Object-Orientation / Visual C++
Ong Kok Leong - Programmers Links
Cetus Links: 8280 Links on Object-Orientation / C++
cpp: WWW C++ Information
Sites of interest to C++ users

C++ Short Tutorials

Programming advices for C++
C++ FAQ LITE, Marshall Cline
C++ Tutorial
C++ Annotations Version 4.3.1
C++ Programming Guide (Bonnard)
ITI Online Training Center
OOP and C++: an Introduction
C++ FAQ LITE, Marshall Cline
Scientific Computing: C++ versus Fortran
DoIT Introduction to C++
Syllabus, COS 160, Fall 1997
Visual C++ 5 Debugging
C++ Language Tutorial
Understanding C++: An Accelerated Introduction
Understanding C++: An Accelerated Introduction

C++ Books

Object-Oriented Software in C++ (Mike Smith)
Joseph Bergin - Home Page
C/C++ Users Journal
Deitel & Associates, Inc. Home Page
Scientific and Engineering C++
Open Book Systems (OBS) - Home Page
MSDN Online
Personal Bookshelf
Computer and Internet Related Online Books, FREE OnLine Editions
Stroustrup: The C++ Programming Language (Third Edition)
C++ Books Section
C++ and Object-Oriented Programming
Wrox Press Developers' Reference
Waite Group Home Page

C++ courses

CMPT 202 - Home /Westmister College /Introduction to Computer Science II
Mike Smith, University of Brighton, School of Computing
Course Outline for COSC 1047, June 1997
OOAD Syllabus
CS-596: Object-Oriented Programming Programming
GNA Course: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Using C++
Caltech C++ (CS 140)
C++ Annotations Version 4.3.1
NIST Course on C++ Programming for Scientists

STL (Standard Template Library)

Directory of /pub/genstl-archive
The Standard Template Library (.ps)
STL Summary
STL links (Jon Morris Smith)
STL Online Algorithm Reference
STL Programmer's Guide (SGI)
A Modest STL Tutorial (Jak Kirman)
STL Reference (Zalewsky/RPI)
STL Tutorial and Reference Guide (Musser/Saini)
STL (Musser/RPI)
STL (Wise/RPI)
STL Tutorial (Weidl)
STL (Burrell/Stanford)
Mumit's STL Newbie guide
STL Resource List (Cyberport)
The STL-Compatible Compilers List
A Tiny STL Primer (Harvey)
Effective STL (Harvey)
STL (Chapin)
STL97 Home Directory

C++ Tools

TROy Software Products
The SST Class Hierarchy
InterNetivity Inc. Home Page
The CASE Tool Home Page - Tools
Carsten Arnholm (C++/F77)
The Blitz++ Numerical Library Home Page
The Blitz++ Numerical Library Home Page
TROy Software Products

C++ Design

Stroustrup: Bjarne's Homepage
Visual C++ Developers Journal - the most comprehensive source of information for Microsoft Visual C++ developers.
Dr. Dobb's Web Site

Data Structures

Mark Allen Weiss (Data Structures)
Robert Sedgewick

Visual C++

CLIPCODE Software Reports
Chapter 3
Microsoft COM Technologies - Information and Resources for the Component Object Model-based technologies of DCOM, COM+, MTS, ActiveX Controls
Microsoft Visual C++
DLLSKEL COM Tutorial Sample
Visual C++ Developer Online
ITI (C/C++, Java, Perl, Postscript, Windows)
Visual C++ 5.0 Standard C++ Library
Intro to Visual C++ 5.0 (Virginia Tech)
MFC Visual C++ FAQ
MapObjects: Getting Started with Visual C++
CSC 441 OOP (U. Detroit - Mercy)
C Land -- Visual C++
BC++ Home Page
Introduction to Windows Programming
Visual C++ Primers and URLs

Windows Programming (Win32/MFC)

Win32 FAQ
Reliable Software's Tutorials, Version Control System & Freeware


OpenGL example
Jibin Page
Ashley, Iris & Phlip's Home Page
Index of /CIS/course.des
Index of /~rel/csc490
Windows Source Code Examples
Hello World

The MFC Professional -- MFC-L Thread List (By Date)
CSC 490 Win32-Programming Home Page
Win32 Programming Notes
pchapin's Win32 Programming Page
DevCentral Tutorials: MFC/Win32
Reliable Software Programmers' Home
MFC Programmer's SourceBook
Computer Systems Technology
YOU have found mammon_
Mammon_'s Tales To His Grandson
Internet Resources for Windows Developers
MFC Programmer's SourceBook
Winsock Programmer's FAQ
Windows Sockets: A Quick And Dirty Primer
Spencer's Socket Site: Network Programming with Sockets
Windows Sockets (WinSock) Programming

Parallel Computing

Parallel C++ Projects Archive


new ASM

x86 Assembly Language Webring
A. Graps' Miscellaneous Articles
Code optimization on IBM RS/6000
Microsoft TerraServer Full Resolution Image Page
Directory of /pub/Linux/Linux-Alpha-JP/BLAS
SAL- Numerical Analysis - Misc - DGEMM for Alpha Chip
Condition numbers
Condition numbers
Microway Pentium White Paper - Microway, Inc. 1-508-746-7341
Dr Dobbs /ftp/1994/1994.05/
The home page of Isak Jonsson (english version)
Gustavson (IBM)
Binary download
Clive Turvey's Home Page
Sub-Pixel Font Rendering Technology
Iczelion's Win32 Assembly HomePage
The Programmers Vault (1024x768) - HPTC Infocenter - Tutorials Index
Alpha 21364: A Scalable Single-chip SMP
jasonp's Pi Programs Page
FFTW Home Page
An FFT toy
Galaxies on your PC
Home Page of David and Alice Park
The Game Programming MegaSite - Hey, It's MegaFUN!
Programming Optimization -- Strategies, Pitfalls, and Overview
Finite Element
Optimizing Trig Calculations - by Don Cross <>
Digital Signal Processing
Sun Performance Library Reference: Index
Using Lapack Routines in C Programs
lu_solve.cpp (LAPACK)
Java Numerics: Main
Using BLAS on OAC's Beowulf Cluster
Mumit's home page -- under heavy construction
GNU-Win32 Related Projects
GNU_Fortran for OS/2, DOS and Win32 using EMX/RSX
Doug's Simplissisimus
Katmai, Pentium III, MMX2, KNI, XMM
Intel(R) Architecture Performance Training Center
Xenomorph dot Net
Xenomorph's Banshee Forum
Inside Intell: Table of Contents
ASM 4 Newbies
Abit BX6 2.0

DEC Alpha: Assembly Language Programmer's Guide (DEC site)
DEC Alpha: Assembly Language Programmer's Guide
Paul Hsieh's Assembly Lab
Paul Hsieh's x86 Assembly page
The Art of Assembly Language Programming
The Art of Assembly Language Programming
DJGPP FAQ -- Converting between Intel ASM syntax and AT&T syntax
Index of /~pcarter/pub/pcasm
Virtual Library - Assembly Section
The 80x86 Assembly Pages
x86 Assembly Language FAQ - General Part 1/3
x86 Inline Assembly Programming
From C to assembly to executable code
The SNIPPETS Collection
Microprocessor instruction set cards
DJGPP QuickAsm Programming Guide
Chip directory


Programmers Heaven
Converting assembler from MASM/TASM
AT&T => Intel assembly syntax converter
Invoking as (GNU assembler)
NASM - The Netwide Assembler Project - FREE 80x86 assembler
NASM Manual
x86 Assembly Language FAQ

CPU Gems
Linux x86 Assembly HOWTO

Intel Pentium Optimization / Programmming -- IA-32
P5 Optimization (Agner Fog)
Intel Architecture Optimizations Manual (Pentium II)
Pentium® Optimization Cross-Reference by Instruction
A Software Simulation of the Pentium Processor
Optimizer : The Pentium / Pentium Pro optimizer
The Register - UK

Intel MMX / SSE / SIMD technology

AP-929 Streaming SIMD Extensions - Inverse of 6x6 Matrix
Intel(R) Math Kernel Library Download and Install
Intel(R) Signal Processing Library Demos
Intel Technical Manuals
Intel MMX(TM) Technology--Introduction
MMX Application Notes (Intel)
MMX(tm) Technology C Intrinsics
Vector Dot Product Listing
MMX Vector/Matrix Multiply
MMX Matrix Transpose
MMX Levinson-Durbin algorithm
ITI: Using MMX Technology to Speed Up Machine Vision Algorithms, Part 1
ITI: Using MMX Technology to Speed Up Machine Vision Algorithms,
Stefano Tommesani - Pixel64 - HomePage
Linux Parallel Processing HOWTO: SIMD Within A Register (e.g., using MMX)
Welcome to The Programmer's Link \ Assembly
Using MMX with Linux
Pentium(r) III Processor Manuals
Pentium® II Processor Application Notes
Pentium® Pro Processors-Manuals
Intel C/C++ Compiler Plug-in
MMX: Matrix Math Extensions
Scc: Simd within a register C Compiler
Randall Fisher's Home Page on (a.k.a yara)
www Magnus Jonasson com - Everything you need to know about MMX
PO - Assembly
Multimedia Style Vector Processing
The MMX File
Study of the MMX Processors with a comparison to other computing platforms
Low-Delay CELP Speech Coding Algorithm
Using MMX with Linux
Processor Information : Intel
SIMD Optimization of the Smith-Waterman Algorithm
The x86 translation scheme is discussed in more detail here
C.A.D. MMX Study
Evaluating MMX Technology Using DSP and Multimedia Applications
MMX links
Evaluating MMX Technology Using DSP and Multimedia Applications
Streaming SIMD Extensions Application Notes
SIMD: Find the Maximum/Minimum

FPU (Floating Point Unit)

80x87 Instruction Set (8087 - Pentium)
Everything you always wanted to know about math coprocessors
FPU float.asm
Kortemeyer's Floating Point Stuff

Distribution of ASCI-Red Work (Intel Libraries ported to UNIX)
Matrices (Comparison of Algorithms)
Performance Measures (Weems)
Paul Hsieh's Block Copy Analysis Page
Tuning the GNU compiler for performance on the Intel platform
The Inner Loops Home Page
Steve Colwell's Writings
PC-GPE (Game Programmers)
Using the Pentium FPU for fast memory copy
Graphic Programming (XYZZ)
Optimizing Your Code
80x86 Integer Instruction Set (8088 - Pentium)
High Performance Software on Intel Pentium Pro
Assembly Tutorial (Pervago)
Tuning the GNU compiler for performance on the Intel platform
Numerical C programs on the net
The Most Important Technical Library in the World
Pentium Optimized BLAS
Intel(R) Math Kernel Library Support
LAPACK - all the linear algebra you'll ever need
Using Lapack Routines in C Programs
Matrix Pitfalls


Using and Porting GNU Fortran
Fortran 77 Standard: Table of Contents
Fortran FAQ
Fortran Information
Southampton - Fortran Support - Top Page
Fortran Resources (LAHEY)
Linear Algebra for Statistics Java Package
GNU Fortran G77 for Win32
EGCS Development Toolchain for GNU-Win32 b19
Interfacing Fortran and C
LJ #25, May 1996: Fortran Programming Tools under Linux
Fortran Programmers Club


f77 (OSF1 3.2 Manual Page)
Fortran 77 Language Reference
Fortran 77 Coding Guidelines
Summary of Fortran 77 statements
Fortran 77 Programmer's Guide
Guide to F77 (Page) - postscript
U20: Fortran 77 (f77) on CUS


Numerical Recipes in Fortran
NAG Fortran Library
Numerical methods (Stony Brook)
G. W. (Pete) Stewart (Matrix Algorithms)
A Catalog of Enumeration Algorithms (Matsui/Matsui/Fukuda)
The Fortran Library (a.k.a. FLIB)
Fortran 77 Programs
CERNLIB Entry Points


pghpf Reference Manual - 3 Fortran Statements
Fortran Programming for Physics and Astronomy
Notes on FORTRAN Programming
The Perils of Floating Point
Getting the current date and time in Fortran
Developing and Running Fortran Code on the Solaris Systems


Free Fortran Software
Internet Software Guide for Engineers
KAP Optimizers

Fortran Links
Fortran Programmers Club
TCC Help System: Index
High Performance FORTRAN
Fortran 90 Software Repository
Directory of /pub/fortran-m
DEC Fortran 90
Fortran 90 links
Programming in Fortran
Optimization Primer
Fortran to Java (f2j) compiler


ABC: All Basic Code
ABC Home Page: BASIC Compilers
The BASIC Archives - Home Page
File Library at Channel 1: BASIC
Kip R. Irvine Home Page
Introduction to Visual Basic (Boston)
Chipmunk Basic Home Page


BASM -The Free Basic Compiler
BASM -- The Free BASIC to 80286 Assembly Language Compiler
MoonRock compiler and development language

QuickBASIC / qbasic

The QBasic Page
QBASIC Learning System Table of Contents
Qbasic/Quickbasic Top 50
The Qbasic Station Link Network
Qbasic Gallery
QB2C home page
Directory of /pub/simtelnet/msdos/qbasic
Directory of /pub/simtelnet/msdos/basic

Visual BASIC

Visual Basic Explorer - A Place for the Novice VB Programmer
Visual Basic Programming (U. Michigan)
Directory of /pub/simtelnet/msdos/visbasic
Advanced Visual Basic (AVB) - Advanced Information for the Visual Basic Professional
Visual Basic Center
Visual Basic Source Code
Wild Web of Visual Basic!
Pirate Pete's Treasure Trove of Visual Basic Source Code
VB Helper Links


Java(TM) Platform Documentation
The Java 3D FAQ
JavaBeans FAQ: General
Java 3D(TM) 1.1 API Home Page
Java Programmer's FAQ
Java Code Engineering: engineer & reverse engineer Java class files (Meurrens 980201)
Java Gotchas
GUI Programming in Java 1.1
Java Security: Hotlist
Languages for the Java VM
The Java Lobby
Java GUI--Table of Contents
V - A Freeware Portable C++ GUI Framework for Windows, X, and OS/2
Java Programmer's FAQ - Part B
Java Pretty Printer
Examining HotSpot, an object-oriented drawing program - JavaWorld December 1996
Java and JavaScript Programming, Scoop on Java - 09/04/99
Building an Internet chat system - JavaWorld January 1997
Agents: Not just for Bond anymore - JavaWorld April 1997
Directory of /projects/javarc
[Real's JAVA JAVASCRIPT PB and WSH How-to]

Java with C++

Java Tip 17: Integrating Java with C++ - JavaWorld
Java Native Interface (JNI)
Java Native Interface
Using the JNI
Index of /~stuart/xopen/
Programming in Java and C: the FAQs

Java Beans

JavaBeans Documentation
Aj's notes on Java Beans
TimerBean tutorial

Visual J++

Using Visual J++ -- Table of Contents
Visual J++ Programming (U. Michigan)

(new) Java

Java Serial Port Class (JSP)
David Wanqian Liu :: Java -- PRECISE calculator
portio User Guide
Java Serial Port Control
Java Developer Connection Home Page
IMap Applet
Chunyen Lin's Java
Object-Oriented Techniques and Implementations
JavaScript Guide (Netscape)
Cetus Links: 8280 Links on Object-Orientation / JavaScript / JScript
Welcome to ObjectSpace, Inc.
Cetus Links: 8280 Links on Object-Orientation / Java / General
Draft Java Coding Standard
G.B.M. (Grid Bag Master)

Java Programmer's FAQ
EarthWeb's JARS.COM
Jazilla - Mozilla in Java
Reliable Software (Java vs C++)
Programming Languages for the Java VM
The Java Developer Archive: How Do I...
WanderingMan Java Links
Welcome to the Harissa home-page
Optimizing Java for Speed
Introduction to Java

Java (SUN)

Java Home Page (Sun)
Java Project Home Page


Java in Schools - An IBM Resource for Java Educators and Students
EOE Object Library (Apple)
Microsoft Technologies for Java: Home Page
Microsoft Gallery for Java
Marimba, Inc.

Java Quick Reference
Java/JavaScript Resources on the Internet
Java/JavaScript Links
Cup O' Joe Java Shop
Hall's Java
The Java Repository
Java Oasis
Reviews of JAVA tools
Toba: A Java-to-C Translator
Home of JaBa

Java Decompilers and Obfuscators

Java Code Engineering: engineer & reverse engineer Java class files (Meurrens 980201)
Obfuscate home page


Topic Specific Java(tm) Books
Special Edition Using Java 1.1, 3rd Edition
John's Cyber World - Animation
Mark's Hostile Java Haven
java + fortran = ?
Real's home / Le repere de Real
Practical Java
Java and JavaScript Programming, Scoop on Java - 11/05/98

Online Books

Thinking in Java (Eckel)
Java Programmer's SourceBook : Thinking in Java
Hooked on Java
Presenting Java
Que's Digital Bookshelf
QUE: Using Java
OnLine Electronic Publishing Collection
The Java Handbook: Examples
Concurrent Programming in Java
On To Java---Programs
Deitel - Java/C/C++


Brewing Java: A Tutorial
The *new* AWT Tutorial
Thingtone's Java Workshop
Ernest Friedman-Hill's Java Course
RPI: Java
DSW's tutorial on Java
Shlurrrpp......Java learning Java : The Java tutorial for java programming
Programming 101 By Way of Java

The Java Tutorial
The Java Developer FAQ
Java WorkShop FAQ
Java FAQ Archives
Charles Prineas Links - Java
Reith's Java Developer's Page
Java API Documentation
N-ARY Limited Home Page
Marty Hall: Java
Making Sense of Java
Layout Manager Launch
Java Applet tutorials
Java - The Course (U. Missouri)

Tom's Java Shack!
Test your applet the easy way: turn it into an application - JavaWorld January 1997


EarthWeb's JARS.COM
EOE Object Library
Daeron's Java
Image2HTML: Conversion of GIF and JPEG files to HTML tables; Use It Online
The J Files
The Java Boutique
Yahoo's applet collection.
Applets from German Java Repository.
Snaglet collection (Sausage)
Mathematical Sciences communication via Java
Mathematics Archives - Interactive WWW Pages
SGI Java Gallery
LibLab Web Project
TRS-80 Model 1 BASIC Interpreter (Java)
Applet: Neural Networks (Matt Hill)
Applet: Quantum Scattering Experiments (J.L. Richardson)
Applet: The Visible Human
Applets: InterActivity Inc.
Shikotan Project Home Page
Virtual Design Group's Voodoo Doll
Kami! Home Page: Java Applets (English)
Welcome to Sunergy (Streaming Audio)
Free Java Software (C. Liu)
Jim Buzbee's Hershey Font Page
Java 3d Viewer : Faceted and Wireframe Objects
Bill Casselman at MSRI - A survey of mathematical exposition in Java
Bill Casselman's Homepage

Java3D / VRML

Instructions for Evolutionary Sculpture Park
Java 3D(TM) 1.1 API Home Page
Web3D Consortium
VRML-Java3D Working Group
Java 3d Viewer : Faceted and Wireframe Objects


web3d (VRML Consortium)
Web3D / VRML Browser Detector
Ultimate Web3D Service
[ k a h l a . g . e . ] - v r m l 4 l i n u x -

(new)VRML - A production of Tech Country
AlteredWorlds - VRML
Kue's VRMLPage
VRMLUser: ZDNet InternetUser
Proposals regarding behavior and scripting
VRML Audio Tutorial
Endoframe - VRML PROTOs
The VRML PROTO Repository
Tracking Viewpoint Page
Gregory Seidman's VRML2 Widgets
The Virtual Reality Homebrewer's Handbook
Virtual Reality Homebrewer's Page!
VRMLworks (frames)
VRML Audio Tutorial
NetscapeWorld - VRML Technique: How to optimize the performance of VRML worlds, Part II - August 1997
Index of /netscapeworld/nw-08-1997/VRML/tests/
VRML Generation
Humanoid Animation and Avatars : The H-Anim standard with VRML & Java.
Index of /~boldi/java/obj3d
An Introduction to VRML2 Animation Techniques for the Production Animator
Authoring Compelling and Efficient VRML 2.0 Worlds
VRML Prototypes Collections
The Annotated VRML97 Reference Manual


VRMLSnif explication
augusto-ayala 's Home Page
VRML Plotter
Maple to VRML Converter - Help Page
VTK Home
The Visible Human at NPAC
Rob Salgado's VRML Vector Field Plotter
MetaTools: Real Time Geometry (Migdal)

Gamelan VRML


The VRML Repository's VRML97 Browser Datasheet - Focus on Web3D - 07/06/98
Ultimate Web3D Service
Computer Associates (Cosmo Player)
Download Cosmo Player Here!
SGI Cosmo Player
ParallelGraphics (Cortona)
The VRwave Home Page (java) (also for linux)
FreeWRL (for linux)
ViewTech ASA (GLView)
Superscape Home Page


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Alice - Free, Easy, Interactive 3D Graphics for the WWW

VRMLworks: Viewing VRML Worlds (frames)
Viewing VRML Worlds: Multiple Plugins

GB's VRML News Page
Extensible 3D (X3D) FAQ
Cosmo Software
SGI Cosmo Player
SGI Cosmo Player (EAI)
Virtual Reality
Developer: External Authoring Interface
Cosmo Player: Developer Tools and Docs Examples
Cosmo Player: Developer Tools and Docs Examples
VRML Delivering 3D and Multimedia on
VRML 2.0 External Authoring Interface (EAI) FAQ
WorldView 2.1 Developer's Guide - Intervista Software
VRMLÀÌ Java¸¦ ¸¸³µÀ» ¶§..
Graph Maker 3
JVerge VRML Class Libraries
Floppy's VRML Guide
Interactive Collision Detection for Virtual and Simulated Environments
A PC based VR system


VRMLSite Magazine
VRML - Welcome from The Mining Company
VRML Update
GB's VRML News Page


GLView (Grahn)
Sced: Constraint Based Scene Design

VRML Physics/Science

VRML Gallery of Electromagnetism (Salgado)
VRML Gallery of General Relativity (Koehler)
VRML 3D Vector Field Generator
Mark F. Hannig's VRML
VRML Plotter
VRML FreeBase
Morphing Math Demo
Chemical Examples of VRML
VRML in Chemistry
The Human Brain Project - Denmark
VRMLplot.m V1.1
Mathematica and VRML
The Hydrogen Atom Wavefunctions.

VRweb - Ultimate VRML Directory
Gamelan VRML
The Virtual Aquarium
vrmLab Exhibits
Virtual COHO - Space Physics in VRML
VRMLSite Magazine
VRML: NCSA Relativity
Adrian's VRML/JavaScript Grapher
Gary's VRML Page
SGI VRML 2.0 examples
Virtual Reality Universe: VRML2.0 Models
VRML Stereograms
WebPool (LR)
SLY's World (TicTacToe/EAI) - VRML Pro Site Gallery
Intel Pentium® Pro Processor On-line Introduction


VRML repository
3DSite VRML index
All-Technical VRML Directory
VRML (U Washington)



Community Place: Authoring Tutorials
Java for 3D and VRML worlds - errata
Grafman's gcPoser EAI Example
Late Night VRML 2.0 with JAVA
JVerge VRML Class Libraries
Sony Pictures Imageworks, Home
PC4230 Mathematical Methods in Physics

Source Code / Examples

The Annotated VRML97 Reference Manual
Lemay's VRML2
Lemay's VRML2 examples
Goodnet VRML 2.0 examples
VRML Sourcebook examples
VRML Handbook examples
Grafman's VR World
Michael Paulitsch's VRML Examples

Object Libraries

The Vertex
VRML 2.0 Widgets
VRML Widgets (SGI)
VRML models (Ocnus)
UK VR-SIG 3D Object Archive
Braden's VRML PROTOs
VRML Behaviors archive
VRML Prototypes
VRML objects (

Taming VRML Scripts -- 1. VRML Objects and Events
Thornborrow's VRML 2.0 Tutorial
VRML 2.0 from Interactive Systems and Multimedia
VRML Developer (SGI)
CosmoPlayer Tutorials
Community Place Tutorials
Cosmo Player Authoring
SIGGRAPH 96: Intro to VRML 2.0
Westlake VRML 2.0 tutorial
Mukhi (Neca) VRML 2.0 tutorial
Frerich's VRML 2.0 tutorial
Matt's VRML 2.0 Tutorial
VR Universe: VRML Tutorials
Pioneer Joel's VRML Tutorial
Texture Mapping in VRML
dForm VRML 2.0 Audio tutorial
The Easy VRML Tutorial
VRML Demos (Iwamura)
The VRML Foundry
VRML 2.0 Tutorial University of Pennsylvania
VRML @ Interactive Systems & Multimedia
Orbitor - JavaScript - VRML
VRML Tools
MWGuide Welcome!
Navigation Tips
Camera Orientation Parameters
Mixing VRML and HTML in Netscape FRAMEs

Grafman's VRML Demos

Short Tutorials

Tom Kaye's VRML Widgets
MotionTrail (VRML)
VRML 1.0 Course (NCSA)
Mukhi: VRML 1.0
Moving Worlds Specification: Concepts
Webpool VRML lecture
Grafman Productions - VRML
Compelling Uses of 3D on the Web
Intervista Tutorials
Gavin's Fun VRML
Hardenbergh's VRML
VRML Myths


NEWS: comp.lang.vrml
NEWS: Live3D
NEWS: Cosmoplayer
NEWS: alt.3d
Java/VRML/JavaScript FAQ
History of Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML)
comp.lang.vrml FAQ


The Moving Worlds Guide
VRML 2.0 Specification
VRML Examples
VRML97 Specification, ISO/IEC DIS 14772
(Mitra) VRML2.0 test page
Jeff's VRML & Java Test Page
(Chaco) VRML 1.0 Test Files
VRML 1.0 Authenticator (Geometry Center)

Virtual Reality (nonVRML)

Cyber Koganei
Input Device Sources & Resources
3D Device Support Page
AERO - Animation Editor for Realistic Object movements
AERO Examples
LivingWorlds: Docs
Meme(tm): Virtual Reality on the Internet

ScienceSpace Project | Virtual Reality at GMU Home Page

Linux Programming

Linux SMP Motherboards
Linux/Alpha - How to Make your Applications Fly
Linux/Alpha Home Page
SAL -- Scientific Applications on Linux
Parallel Processing using Linux
Linux Parallel Processing HOWTO
SWAR: SIMD Within A Register (at Purdue ECE)
linux smp
PoP - Syracuse University Physics Computational Cluster
PC-Based Super Computer
Using Linux in the real world
PVM: Parallel Virtual Machine
MPI - The Message Passing Interface Standard
The Linux Fortran Information Page
MIMD Processors
Linux SMP Motherboards
The Perils of Floating Point
Ssh (Secure Shell) Home Page
Getting Started With PVM
Slave Source Code For Communication Example
BIP Messages Software
PC-Based Super Computer
Other Similar Projects
Calypso home page
DLR Fresh Archive - linux/src
Quantasm, Assembly Language Tools
Pentium Compiler Group
Pentium Compiler Binaries for GNU/Linux
Linux x86 Assembly HOWTO


GSBCFAQ version 2.0h
UNIX Reference
Computing FAQ (Stanford GSB)
Purdue: Software Documentation
UCS Knowledge Base (search)
Useful Basics about UNIX
Useful Basics about X and MWM
Common UNIX commands
Digital Unix WEBMAN
Unix tricks
Unix Commands
Virtually UN*X!
Native Win32 ports of some GNU utilities
Unix Research Central Design FAQ Publications Source Languages Network Motif
Welcome to Lachlan Cranswick's Homepage - Useful UNIX Commands and
How to write a shell script
Unix for WINdows

X Windows

Kenton Lee: Technical X Window System and Motif WWW Sites
xmgr/xvgr: an X-based plotting tool
X Consortium FAQ
xmgr info
xmgr/xvgr: an X-based plotting tool
Mayura Draw
xfig man page (Cornell)
Free X server for Windows and Mac
Kenton Lee: Technical X Window System and OSF/Motif WWW Sites
Window Managers for X
X Fonts
General instructions for installing fonts in X-windows

Other Languages

Index of /free-compilers/LANG
Catalog of Free Compilers, Interpreters and Language Tools



An Introduction and Tutorial for Common Lisp
Directory of /pub/lisp/clisp
ALU: Common Lisp Implementations
Common Lisp Hypermedia Server (CL-HTTP)
Lisp FAQ

Elegant LISP Programs
Emacs Lisp
An Introduction to Common Lisp
An Introduction and Tutorial for Common Lisp
Index - Lisp Resources


MSWLogo, An Educational programming language
MSWLogo, An Educational programming language
The Logo Foundation
LOGO computer programming language for learners



Syllabus for Theory of Computation
FAQSYS extended version - (solving worldwide problems)
Ira Goldklang's TRS-80 Revived Pages: Model III


Emacs links
Emacs 18 (Utah)
Emacs Lisp Introduction
GNU Emacs Manual (18)
GNU Emacs Manual (19.28)
Emacs Setup and Libraries
Emacs elisp
GNU Emacs for Windows 95/NT


The Perl Language Home Page
PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language
Perl Reference Guide & Perl 5 Desktop Guide
Rex Swain's HTMLified Perl 5 Reference Guide
perlfaq - frequently asked questions about Perl
Perl FAQ
Perl reference materials
PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language
UF/NA Perl Archive
Perl 5 Man Pages
A perl Tutorial by Will Morse
A brief introduction to TCL/TK

CPU emulators

All About Emulation
Emulators Online
Ira Goldklang's TRS-80 Revived Pages: Main Page
Weston's Web Page (vMac emulator)
vMac - The Virtual Macintosh Emulator Project


Cora Research Paper Search

Computer Science (Logic and Artificial Intelligence)

Directory of /pub/classes/18.417
Directory of /pub/classes/6.042/fall96/handouts
Directory of /pub/classes/6.042/spring97
The Logic Daemon
OpenToEurope - Subproject Logic
Open To Europe: Predicate Logic
Logic Primer (Allen/Hand)
Introduction to formal logic (Floridi)
Artificial Intelligence (Wilson)
Artificial Intelligence (Griffith)
Logics, mathematics and set theories
Samson Abramsky : Home Page
Directory of /pub/DI/Fundamentos/Papers/mirror-ImperialCollege/AbramskyS
Michael Mislove Home Page

Barrington (notes)
Prof. Kjell (Lecture Notes)
Mark Allen Weiss (Data Structures)

Computer Architecture

Computer Architecture courses (Chip Weems)
Computer Architecture (Levy) U3.561
Computer Organization and Architecture (Stallings)
Computer Architecture (Ercal) CSc234-Notes
Computer Architecture and Design (Duncan) 52.225
CS 2734 Computer Organization II Lecture Schedule
CS240 : Computer Organization and Sun Sparc Assembly Language (Vohra)
SPARC instruction-set specification

Data Structures

Virtual Memory Tutorial
The Memory Management Reference: Beginner's Guide: Overview
CNE Workbenches
Scalar Optimization
Locality Demonstration
Data Structures Course Notes

OS Theory
Go To Statement Considered Harmful

Microsoft Excel

Excel Tutorials (Lacher)
Excel Tutorial (Knowdules)
CS 050 - Problem Solving with Mathematica
ENGR 062 (EES&OR 111) Microsoft Excel Solver Tutorial
Microsoft Excel Tutorial One
Mellon Introductory Tutorials
Advanced Tutorial 01 Ksp
LLS Basic Master
Doing Statistics on Calculators
Microsoft Excel (Boston)
Microsoft Power Point (Boston)
Microsoft Word (Boston)
Word 6 Tutorial for Thesis or Dissertation Writing
Advanced Excel
Introductory Excel
Visual Basic 4.0
Ulead Web Utilities
Stats: Coefficient of Determination


FreeCode, Free Programming Source Code
Reliable Software's Tutorials, Version Control System & Freeware
Frequency Analyzer
The Big Calculator Applet
A Pretty Printer for Java 1.1 sourcecode that relies on JavaCC...
NCompass Labs Inc: Plug-Ins: (ActiveX for Netscape)
Medical Image Processing Course
[] Do the LJ!!
Web Technologies
Download Accelerator (FAQ)
Computer Science Courses at Dartmouth

Computer Graphics and Animation

efg's Graphics Page
The Win95 Game Programmer's Encyclopedia
My Humble Graphics Page: Raytracing ( page 2 ).
Programming, so simple even a child can do it. (article)
Other Peoples Programs
UCD Computer Graphics Research Lab -- On-line Notes
Voxel Mitosis
Scientific Visualization Group


tools.htm , THE tools page at fravia's!

Technical Manuals Online! - Thousands Of Technical Manuals

New Folder

News of the Weird Archives
The Slightly Newer 5 Hour Law School
The People's Court
Free Compilers List - By Category Dial-up Scripting Tutorial
ACITS LPR Remote Printing

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