This is a collection of MUCH TOO MANY bookmarks that I don't really have time to update or maintain. Many links are probably dead. I do not necessarily endorse the content of any of these bookmarked sites.

Science Education

General Resources

U.S. Department of Education
Using WWW to Augment University Courses
Teaching with Electronic Technology
Globewide Network Academy
Science Guide
Education List (CMC)
Education List (Galaxy EINET)
Campus Maps
Electronic Center for Educational Resources
The Grant Advisor Plus - Current Issue Files
Education Grants
U.S. Department of Education (ED) -- Funding
Funding Opportunities in Science & Technology/Mathematics/Computer Science
Random Research Question Generator
Webpages of Scholarly Societies
Quotations for Education
Science Quotes
ScienceDaily Magazine Home Page
Science Education Glossary
Inren's World Online: USA: Education
Educational Technology Resource Center
Study WEB
Library of Congress Home Page
Electric Library Personal Edition
Surfing the Education Waves


Microsoft in Education
CyberWorks - Information Technology in Education
Adaptive Computer Equipment for Kids with Special Needs.(via Thunderbeam)
IBM lead story: Equal opportunity Web
Closing The Gap
Closing The Gap: On-line Resource Library

General Science

UC Berkeley: Computer as Learning Partner
Learning Through Collaborative Visualization
Amateur Science
Doctor Duey's Wacky Web Pages
Microworlds - Exploring the Structure of Materials
Hands-on Science Centers Worldwide
Museum of Science of Boston, MA
The Chicago Academy of Sciences
The Exploratorium (SF)
Newton's Apple
Nye Science Labs!
Discovery Channel Online
PBS Online
Scientific American
Ig®Nobel Prize
Notes on the 'net
Notebooks (Shalizi) - The ability utility

General Education

Cyber School Resources
The World Lecture Hall
The Global Campus
Albatros - The Net Education Center
The Text Project
UCSD Science Library
U Illinois - Learning Resource Server
INFO-MAC HyperArchive ROOT
IBM: Higher Education - Education Gateway
Welcome to Engines for Education
Doing Science
English for Science and Technology
Tips for Effective Teaching
alt.locksmithing archives
The Internet Webseum of HOLOGRAPHY
Jungian Personality Test
Education 626: Educational Software
Notes on the 'net
Examples of Internet Educational Materials & Other Scholarly Works


Web66 Home Page
K-16 Science Education (UCI)
The Hub
K12 Information Home Page
Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Technology
Armadillo's K-12 resources
Web 66
AIMS Education Foundation
The Living Schoolbook Project
Physics Education Project for High School Students
UIUC Physics Van Outreach Program

College, Grad School and Beyond


How to Survive College
1999 College Rankings: USNews - edu
Welcome to FishNet
The Princeton Review
Peterson's Education Center

Graduate School

Customized Graduate Program Rankings
Some Modest Advice for Graduate Students
Graduate Student Advice and Research Survival Guide
Dissertation year fellowship
Network of Emerging Scientists (NES) Homepage
The Ph.D. Dissertation Prospectus
Dissertation/Thesis Guide
Ph.D. Help Center
Notes on Writing a Thesis (.ps)
LookSmart - exploring World - Reference & Education - Higher & Cont. Ed. - Graduate Studies - Research Advice
Frequently Asked Fellowship Questions
Ford Home Page

Grant Opportunities
UI Student Resumes
CareerLab - FREE Articles from TheCareerAdvisor job search engine for full-time & contract computer consulting and programming employment opportunities
Search Employment - Jobs - Education
Funding Opportunities - Science & Engineering
Homebuyer's Fair Welcome: real estate, mortgage loans, relocation, moving, van line, apartments
CU - The Springs Non-Tenure Track Faculty
AAS Job Register - February 1999
Program Announcement for Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)
Research Corporation - Cottrell Scholars Awards Guidelines in Brief
Journal on Excellence in College Teaching
Writer's Resource


Physics Jobs (Chronicle of Higher Education)
PhysicsJobs (IOP)
Physics Jobs TIPTOP
Physics Job Announcements (
AIP Job Opportunities Main Page
Jobs for Physicists and Engineers by
Scientific Computing Jobs (IOP)
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Information Technology
Best Companies for Blacks, Asians & Hispanics (Fortune)
UK Theoretical Particle Physics Jobs Rumour Mill
Theoretical Nuclear Physics Jobs Rumor Mill
Astrophysics Jobs Rumor Mill
Jobs in Physics, Astronomy, and Other Fields
Jobs in Higher Education
PhDs.Org Science, Math, and Engineering Career Site
PhDs.Org Science Career Links
Job Listings: PhdsOrg
Jobsearch -
CareerMosaic USENET Job List
ESPAN Job Library
Preparing Future Faculty - Job Search Resources
Preparing Future Faculty
Guide/Aca Websites
MathEngine job vacancies
JOBTRAK:Job Search Tips
Physical Sciences Resource Center
Other Links
Academe Home Page
Tomorrow's Professor Chapter 4
How to Leave Physics
Career Options for Scientists Page
Career Alternatives Group

Academic Job Search
Academic Job Application Checklist
The Vita and Faculty Cover Letter
Sample Resumes and Cover Letters
Sci Res App
Résumés by Classification
The Employment Correspondence Guide
Job Letters
CareerLab - Download 200 FREE Cover Letters. 348-page book online. Every possible kind of cover letter. 239 letter samples and examples. How to write a great cover letter. Search engine on site.
Job Interview Advice
Students Seeking Permanent Positions
How to Get a Teaching Job at a Primarily Undergraduate Institution
Handbook on Teaching Undergraduate Science Courses: A Survival Training Manual
The Tenure Chase Papers
The Scientist's Guide to Traditional and Alternative Careers
Professor, research emphasis
American Association of University Professors
WWW Resources for Higher Education Faculty
Careers in Science Education
SAIC: Job Opportunities
Teaching portfolio
Preparing your Teaching Portfolio
Director's Office - Readability FAQ
Presenters Online - Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Successful Presentations
Project SEED, Inc.: Students Discovering Mathematics Successfully!

PHYSICS Education


Introduction to the transistor
Lectures on Geometric Optics: (Rauch)
Mike Levin's WWW Page (essays)
Variational Statement of the Poisson Eq.
Simulations in Physics (Gould and Tobochnik)
efg's Computer Lab
Ask Dr. Science!
Light and Matter: free educational materials for physics and astronomy
Welcome to the wonderful world of Electricy and Magnetism! (Brigham Young)
Elementary Physics II - Boston U.
Introductory Electromagnetism (Northwestern)
Electromagnetism Tutor - Magnetic Flux and Gauss Law
Electrodynamics (Spencer)
SE316- Electromagnetic Fields, I hate this subject
6.013 - Electromagnetic Fields and Energy (MIT)
Rube Goldberg
The Rube Goldberg High School Teams! (Argonne)
Geophysics Teaching Demonstrations (Barker)
Kinematics 'R Us (java)
SpringSpace Films - Java Applet Animations
Equilibrium and Statics (Glenbrook)
What is a Projectile? (Glenbrook)
Cannon Ball Applet
Physics Class (Henderson - Glenbrook)
Particle Physics and Special Relativity (Fermilab)
The Bell Observatory (Bell)
Jack Ord's Java applets
Jack Ord's Java Program Directory
Mechanics Course Outline (Casco)
Hanging With Galileo (Catenary) - Geometer's Sketchpad
Home Page of Frank Wolfs
Daniel F. Styer (Oberlin) - Quantum Mechanics, Computers
Physics Curriculum Guide
Physics 621
The Intelligent Physics Tutor Project Description
Socratic Dialogue Inducing - Socratic Dialogue (Hake)
Harvard Galileo Server


Statics tutorial
Statics (Gladney - U. Penn)
Statics (Herzog - Penn State)
Cable Supported Structures
U.M. Rolla
Bridge Engineering
Civil Engineering
ENGR 210
ENGR-230 Kinematics and Dynamics

(new) physics

UMI ProQuest Digital Dissertations - Preview
View Interactive Programming (VIP) Demo


American Journal of Mathematics
JSTOR: American Mathematical Monthly
Rusty's Programming - acz (Virtual TI)
Index of /mat214dir/

Wheatstone Bridge
Laboratorio Virtual de Física
Course schedule and notes for the 8 am class
Introduction to the Art of Engineering (Drexel)
Physics H221 -- Thermodynamics
PHYS1301 Example Problems Directory
PHYS 231
Rules for Writing a PRL
Quantum computer simulators
Sharmanthie Fernando's Webpage
Physics, Math, and Word Problems
Help for Physics Students
Ztek Home Page: Multimedia for Physics Education
Vernier Sensors and Probes
Teaching University Physics (Zollman)
University Physics, UW-Stout

(new)Physics Teaching

Shortcut to Lens Lesson
Shortcut to Optical Table 1.0
Project Links Field Applet
The Electric Force
The Virtual Class A Class for Anyone Anywhere at Any Time
Search for the Ultimate Structure of Matter
Charles Holbrow - Colgate Faculty Teaching & Research Directory
APS Presentations
APS Presentation
Shortcut to MSRI - L. Mahadevan



Educational Sites (Plasma Physics)
SCIENCE HOBBYIST: Misconceptions Page
Physics Learning Resources
High School Physics Textbooks
Recommended Physics Texts
Awestruck Reference Library
The Physics Connexion

Moore/Six Ideas That Shaped Physics - Message Board
JPU200Y - The Way of Physics
Feynman Online!
Engines for Education
Interactive Textbook for PFP 96
The Radical Exponent
Animal Electromagnetism
How Misconcetpions Affect Formal Physics Problem Solving
Resources for Undergraduate Education in Discrete Math and Computer Science
Welcome to TOPScience Online
Physics Demonstration Resources
Roller Coaster
Textbook Errata
Java Applets at BYU Physics
Refraction of Light Demonstration Applet
Interactive Algebra
Orbits in Strongly Curved Spacetime
GeeBalls Java Applet
The First Three Semesters of Physics
Interactive Science Education
Noboru Wada's HomePage
Shapes of constant width
College Mathematics Journal (topic index)
HOMEWORK central
Past classes and class related links
Vector Calculus Main Menu
Math 2507 on line notes
The Magnetic Force
The Educational Technology Resource Center
Science Links
A Century Of Electricals

_The Barometer Story
physics education research at other universities homepages
What's New in Physics Education
PHOAKS: Resources for sci.physics
Computers and Physics
Fundamental Physical Constants / Naturkonstanten
American Journal of Physics (search)
Curriculum Unit - Phys Teacher Database
_SciPhy Cybrary
EDU2 : Level 2
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Table of Contents
Welcome to How Stuff Works
Events In Science, Mathematics, and Technology - Version 3.0
_Physics Factory Main Gate
MetaPhys Physics Document Search Engine
Help for Physics Students
Advanced Physics -
SEM: Science, Engineering, & Math: Physics

Physics Education Centers

The Nintendo Generation

Research Groups

Resources in Engineering and Science Education
Connecting Research in Physics Education with Teacher Education
Purcell Web Server
Graduate Students in Physics Education Research
California State Univ - Pomona (Mallinckrodt)
Carnegie Mellon - Center for Innovation in Learning
Davidson U - Web Physics
Dickinson College - Priscilla Laws
Dickinson College Physics and Astronomy - Activity Based Physics
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics,
Harvard - Mazur - Peer Instruction
Indiana University
Kansas State U -- Physics Education Group
Montana State University - CAPER
North Carolina State U - Physics Education Research
Ohio State U. - Physics Education Group
Rensselaer U. - Physics Education
San Diego State University
San Diego State - CPU Project
Tufts University
U. Arkansas
UC Berkeley - Graduate School of Education
U. Hawaii Physics Education
U. Maine
U. Maryland - RIPE
U. Massachusetts - UMPERG
U. Minnesota (Minneapolis)
Educational Physics Research Group at the Univ. of Miss.
U. Houston - Virtual Environment Technology Laboratory
U. Nebraska - Lincoln
U. Oregon
U. Washington - Physics Education Group (PEG)
Rick T (software)
der Universität Kiel
University of Oldenburg
University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
University of Sydney,
CNIDR Center for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval
Best Practices in Education
The Educational Technology Resource Center
Constructivist Tools
Human Factors International - usability through software ergonomics
Journal of Interactive Media in Education

Carnegie Science Academy: Physics Links
Physics Education Research Programs
American Association of Physics Teachers
National Science Teachers Association Home Page
NTSA Message Board
Physics Around the World: Education (via McGill)
Physics Resource Site (Georgia Tech)
Physics Educational Materials
Physics Instructional Resource Association
Physics (via Einet)
Physics Education Resources
Physics Education Projects
SciEd - Science and Mathematics Education Resources
Science Education Resources on the Web
Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway
Cornell - Physics Undergraduate
Cornell/LASP - Entertaining Science (PHY)
Fermilab Education Home Page
Lawrence Hall of Science (UC Berkeley)
CPEP - Contemporary Physics Education Project
ASPEN Home Page
ASPEN: Physics and Physics Education Links
Potter's Science Gems
Martindale's Physics
American Journal of Physics
The Physics Teacher
IOP publishing
Electronic Journal of Science Education
Teaching Physics On Line
Trends in Science Education (Belcher)

Physics Activities / Lab

Physics Courseware Communicator
University of Maryland Fermi Problems Site:
University of Maryland Thinking Problems in Mechanics:
NCSU demonstration manual (PHY)
U Illinois - Interactive Physics Experiments
Physical Science Activity Manual
Physical Science lesson plans
Kansas State U - Physics Education Group
SharePhys FTP site
Little Shop of Physics
World-in-Motion Physics Video Analysis Software
multimedia physik
Mechanical Universe
Visualizing Physics with Sound (Oregon State)
Journal of Computer Assisted Learning
Jordan's Leap (AVI)
Physics Multimedia
NOVA Online
TecQuipment Education & Training Resources
Welcome ot the Little Shop of Physics!
Black Holes
Time Travel, Black Holes & Relativity Internet Integrated Unit Plan Summary Template
Weighing in Weightlessness! Encarta Schoolhouse

Physics Labs / Demos

Physics Laboratory Experiments (Rochester)
Trinity Physics Laboratory Writeups
SDI Labs
Lab Equipment Required
Mechanics Demos (Purdue)
Hands-On Physics Labs
Universal Lab Interface
Dramatic Physics Demonstrations

Studying Physics

VIP Demo (Write Programs and Do Physics by Connecting Diagrams)
C3P Students' Alternate Conceptions
21st Century Problem Solving (PHY)
Physics Quiz by Shepley
Ask Dr. Neutrino
Doctor Neutrino's House of Fun
Erik Max Francis - Physics Page
Science (Pt)
Revised Learner Outcomes
Teaching a discusion section
Scientific Problem Solving
Physics Problems (U Oregon)
How to Study Physics (Chapman)
On Being A Student (Simanek)
Preparing for Physics Exams
Suggestions for Physics Students (Long)
Glossary: Misunderstood Terms
SCIENCE HOBBYIST: Misconceptions
Textbook Errata
The Textbook League Web Site
ConceptsList (P3401 Mount Allison U)
The Math and Physics Help Home Page
CNS Basic Math Class
Philosophy of Science readings (Friesian)
ChemTeam: Bob's School of Quantum Mechanics

Physics (Java/Shockwave/VRML)


Fizzics Fizzle!
JavaSketchpad Grammar
A Numerical Library for Java - JNL from Visual Numerics
TWEEN - Java Applet Homepage
Multi-threading in Java
ACME Java - Software
Center for Digital Innovation (UCLA)
Live Software: JavaScript Resource Center
Kami! Home Page: Java Applets (English)
Interactive Imaging; An Introduction to Raytracing & CGI with Java
FoilWorld: Non JavaScript Summary of Fox Foilsets by Topic Areas
Java test
Digital Cats' Java Resource IDE
JavaSci Home Page


The Northwestern Virtual Physics Lab
Math/Science Java Applets ( - Directories - Virtual Hosting Demo Site
Syracuse U Physics: Index of Java-Applets
EOE Object Library
Explore Science (Shockwave)
Basic Physics with Java
Kami! Home Page: Java Applets (English)
CyberLab (physics)
Welcome to Visual Physics
Math and Physics (Java)
SciPhy-Main Page

Math Applets

Interactive Surface Analyzer
Applet: Geometry Server
Java Function Plotter
Graph Class Library
Penrose Tilings
hypercube - hyperspace - ipercubo - iperspazio
HyperCuber Applet
Applet: 3D Stereo Pair Modeler
Applet: 3D Surface Rendering
Alpha VRML Plot (Gawrysiak)
3D Graphing Simulator
Contour Plotting using Java
ODE phase portraits
Flows of Vector Fields
Direction Field Java Applet
Run Java Applets
Fast Marching Methods and Level Set Methods: J.A. Sethian
Linear Equations
Linear Algebra for Statistics Java Package
Live Trigonometry with Java
WebCalc: A Demonstration of WWW/CGI/Perl
Java and Perl information for statisticians
Sampler of Java applets
Solving Quadratic Equations
Java Script Linear Algebra
HomePage of JCK
patrik's homepage

Physics 100 Java Applets
Isaac Demo (Solve Physics Problems stated in English)
FMA applet (U. Kentucky)
The Kinematics Tutorial
Vector Arithmetic Applet (U. Kentucky)
Project Java
Orbiting Planets
Central Force with Java
Virtual Optical Table
String Plucker
Java 65.2961 (RPI) Spring Pendulum
Vector Calculator
Unit I: Simulations
Interesting properties of projectile motion
Physics In Action
MTU Interactive Physics on the Web
Applets Page
Electric charges in Java
Exploring electric fields
Loi de Biot-Savard - Application Java Interactive
Coulomb Forces (Shockwave)
Motion in an electromagnetic field
Interactive Experiments
The Science Quiz
Fermat Principle
Fields and Waves Demonstrations
Retarded Fields (Java)
Educational applets in Semiconductor Devices
The Geometry of Curl: Introduction
Hypermedia Modules for Electricity and Magnetism
Teaching Electromagnetism Using Advanced Technologies: John W. Belcher MIT
Graphic Potentials: Electromagnetism
MW Overview
Mass Analysis
Geometry in Motion
Spring (model)
Where does that highway lead to?
Connected Mathematics
The NEAT System - Video Analysis Software for Sports
The Design of Artificial Realities to Improve Learning Newtonian Mechanics
Centre Of Physics Simulations
Animated Mathematical Physics (Zelenkov)
Mécanique quantique
Applets for Quantum Mechanics
Mark's Quantum Mechanics Applets
Helium Calculation in JavaScript
VR in the Schools, 3-3; virtual reality

General Physics Courses

College Physics for Students of Biology and Chemistry


Physics: Principles and Problems - web links
Giancoli, Physics : Principles with Applications, 5/E
The Light and Matter Series of Free Physics Textbooks
THE SCIENCE CLUB: Kids' projects here
Interactive Physics Modules
Wave Phenomena (Harvard)
Statics Tutorial
Mechanics Course Outline
SCEN103 Home Page
CCAC Allegheny Campus - Physics and Physical Sciences
U.C. Berkeley Physics Lecture Demonstrations
U. Guelph Physics Course Home Pages
Physics 252: Modern Physics
_Physics of Everyday Life (Jordan - Florida Atlantic U)
Fields and Waves (RPI)
Electromagnetism MMA (Abbott)
_A Radically Modern Approach to Freshman Physics -- Volume 1
Philip D. Rubin
1997 Physics 208A course syllabus

Mechanics and Electromagnetism

Duke U - (1)(2) courses (Brown)
Duke U (1)
Duke U (2)
Bucknell U (2)
Physics 212 Homework Drills and Reading Quizzes
_Cal State - Chico (2)
Cal State - Fullerton (1) Homework
Cal State - Fullerton (2) Homework
Carnegie Mellon - (1)(2) courses
Carnegie Mellon (2) (Chabay/Sherwood)
_Carnegie Mellon - demos
Geoergia Tech - (1)(2) courses
Iowa State (2)
Kent State (2)
Oregon State U (2)
SUNY Buffalo - (1)(2) courses
U Alberta (2) Electronics
_U Arizona - courses (Jacob)
U Oregon (Cosmology)
U Oregon (2)
U Penn - (1)(2) courses
U Delaware (1)
U Delaware (2)
U Delaware (2) Wire/BASIC
U Manitoba (1) Mma
U Wisconsin Madison (1)
U Wisconsin Madison (2)
_West Chester U (2) Homework
_Contents: Kepler's Laws & Newton's without Calculus

For Electrodynamics

Right Hand Rule
A Gallery of Electromagnetic Personalities 1
_Educational Object Economy (Apple)
The MAD Scientist Network
MAD.SCI Search Form
How Things Work (U. Virginia)
How Things Work (IAO)
Charged particle motion in Electric / Magnetic Field
Interactive Physics and Math with Java
Electric & Magnetic Interactions: THE MOVIES

Dickinson College Physics and Astronomy
Lecture Notes for Elementary Physics (Mechanics) (RG Brown -Duke)
Equations du Jour (RG Brown - Duke)

Welcome to Motion Mountain
Phil Rubin's Home Page
PHYS 670A: Pedagogical Methods for Physicists
Physics Education Project for High School Students
Math and Science Lesson Plans
Multimedia Physics Studios - Table of Contents
Caltech - (Hopfield) Order of Magnitude
Carleton U - courses
_Chandler-20th Century Physics (PHY)
PHY1160C, Principles of Physics II
Harvard U
Harvard (Physics 11)
North Park College
Purdue U - (1)(2) courses
Syracuse U - (1)(2) courses
_UC Berkeley - Interactive Physics
U Oregon - Electronic Universe (PHY)
U Oregon - Virtual Laboratory
U Penn - Interactive Textbook for PFP 96
U Virginia
U Guelph
U Guelph - Free Body Diagrams
U Guelph - Rotational Motion
U Guelph - Simple Harmonic Motion
Technical U of Budapest
Physics Revision
_Science Space: Virtual Realities for Learning
Gravity Tutorial Contents Page
Graphing Vector Calculator : An interactive Java applet
Michigan Aero Instructional Software Project - Potential Flow Applet
Teacher's Tools (Agilent)

Advanced Physics Courses

Harvard U Physics Reading Lists
Physics: EDU2 : Level 2
MSRI Streaming Video Archive - long version
Lecture Notes

Relativity and Cosmology

Rob's Relativity Links
The Light Cone (Salgado)

Quantum Mechanics/Quantum Field Theory

Griffiths Quantum Mechanics Solutions
Physics 8.04 Home Page
Quantum Chemistry (Brown U)
Visual Quantum Mechanics (PHY)
Quantum Mechanics software (TU-Budapest)
Quantum Mechanics (U Houston)
Quantum Mechanics Problems (Robicheaux)
Quantum Chemistry 19-386 Tutorials
Quantum Mechanics (Duncan - U Wisconsin)
Examples in Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanical Wavepacket Scattering in One Dimension - Quicktime MoviesW
VT Quantum Homepage
Solutions to Problems in Quantum Mechanics (.ps)
Feynman Path Integral (Grosche)
Measurement in Quantum Mechanics
Time Development of Quantum Mechanical Systems
Hilbert Space
Topological Space
Quantum Mechanics (U. Tennessee)
Special Problems (U. Tennessee)
Richard Fitzpatrick (UT Austin)
PHY 389: Quantum Mechanics (U. Texas)
Modern Physics (U Cincinnati)
Index for the Quantum Mechanics Examples
Quantum Field Theory program at IAS: Fall Term
juanfh 's Home Page
The Computationalist Wavefunction Interpretation Agenda
Relativistic Quantum Fields 1 (Hindmarsh)
A Course in Field Theory. Pierre van Baal.
Quantum Field Theory (Mulders) ps
Quantum Field Theory (Schellekens) ps.gz
Conformal field theory (Schellekens) ps.gz
Elementary Particle Physics, QMW.
Particle Theory and Cosmology. HTML/PS
Relativity and Cosmology. HTML

Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics

Nuclear Fusion Basics (PHY)
The Particle Adventure
The Science of High-Energy Physics
Observation of the Top Quark (PHY)
What is QCD???
A Basic Introduction to Nuclear Physics

Statistical Mechanics and Condensed Matter

Thermal and Statistical Physics Curriculum Development Project
Entropy on the World Wide Web
Thermodynamic Educational Sites
ME119 - Intro to Thermal Sciences (Caltech)
Statistical Mechanics Lab-useful web sites
Chem 275 Intro To Statistical Mechanics Home Page
Physics 75.342*/PHY3350
Teaching Resources for Thermal Physics

Dynamics and Electrodynamics

Engineering Mechanics Experimental Program to Electronically Provide Instructional Material
Continuum Mechanics (Stuart - Stanford)
_Lecture Notes on Fundamentals of Solid Mechanics
Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos(Tufillaro)
Matrices, Vectors, and Vector Calculus
Electrodynamics (Swedish Institute)
Electrodynamics (Tf4S) Exercises
Classical Electrodynamics Exercises
Jackson (Electrodynamics)
Graduate Electrodynamics (U Cincinnati) - MMA
Graduate Electrodynamics
E&M (Northpark)
Classical Electrodynamics (RG Brown - Duke)
PC4230 Mathematical Methods in Physics
ELEC 144 - Applied Electromagnetics
_The Physics Problems Page

Mathematical Physics

Quaternions (Baker)
Q calc (Sweetser)
Physics with Quaternions (Sweetser)
Doing physics with quaternions
Spin Geometry in Math and Physics (Bradlow / Leigh)
Real Symplectic Groups (Arvind)
Semi-Simple Lie Algebras (Cahn)
Notes for the course in Differential Geometry

Computational Physics

Computational Physics Tutorials
Computational Physics II (Hong Kong)
Computational Physics (MacKinnon)
Computational Physics Home Page
Graphics: The Space-Time Travel Machine (pictures)
Simulations in Physics
Physics Simulations - Teaching Programs
Graphic Potentials


Mathematics (via Einet)
The Math Forum
Math Forum Internet Collection - mathlessons (Outline)
MathPro Press
Cornell - Engineering Math
This Is Mega-Mathematics! (LANL)
Project MATHEMATICS! (Caltech)
Branson's Math Links
Fun With Mathematics (HJ Smith)
AMS Math Digest
AMS Math News
The Math Doctor
EMT 525/725 Page
The Handbook of Mathematical Discourse
Visual Math Institute (VMI)
Elements of Mathematics
Question Corner (U Toronto Math)
The Living Mathematics Project
Lectures on the History of Mathematics
Mathematical Techniques - Programs to support the book
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Earliest Known Uses of Some of the Words of Mathematics
Mathematical Atlas: A gateway to Mathematics

Collections of Courses

Martin Karel's courses
Courses (E. Lee Lady - U Hawaii)
Mathematics Lessons Database
U Minnesota - Paul Garrett
Courses (Tampere U, Finland)
Computational Geometry Internet Resources
Mathematics Archives - Lessons and Tutorials
Math: EDU2 : Level 2
Bent Petersen Mathematics Notes (Oregon State)
Math Pages (K.S. Brown)

College Algebra and Calculus

UND Math Department Home Page
The Math and Physics Help Home Page - Virtual Reality & Calculus
VRML 3D Vector Field Generator
Vector Differential Calculus
Primitives of Vector Calculus
Study Guide for Vector Calculus
Understanding Mathematics
Pythagorean Theorem
Graphing Calculators
Visual Calculus (Husch)
Calculus Resources
Internet Calculus (U Pittsburg)
JPCalculus Fall '96
Calculus Graphics
e-Calculus (PDF)
Urner's Chalkboard
Maths lessons on computers
Notes for College Algebra and Geometry - Maheswaran
Interactive Exercises on Matrix Algebra
Linearity: A textbook (Fulling)
Calculus (Garrett)
Abstract Algebra (Garrett)
Abstract Algebra OnLine (Beachy)
Math 648, Lecture Notes
Math 649, Lecture Notes
CNS Basic Math Class
Karl's Calculus Tutor
PWS Calculus Modules OnLine
Finite Mathematics and Calculus Applied to the Real World
S Inkpen (Interactive MATH)
Linear Algebra WebNotes
Elementary Linear Algebra (Matthews)
Multivariable Calculus in the Lab
Multivariable Calculus
World Web Math: Vector Calculus Index
Introduction to Graphs
A Graduate Course in Algebra
Math 293 Homepage, Spring 96
Linear Algebra is Fun!
Linear Algebra WebNotes (Sapir)
Linear Algebra (Hillman)
Mathematics 700: Linear Algebra



A Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem From the Heron's Formula
NOVA Online | The Proof | Pythagorean Puzzle
Pythagorean Theorem Proof
Pythagorean Theorem: Proof
Geometry Forum - Problems and Lists
Pythagorean Triples
Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math
Geometry Forum - Problems and Lists
Euclid's Elements, Introduction
Dynamic Geometry
Download Sketches
Explorations and Proofs
Project MATHEMATICS!--Theorem of Pythagoras
Dynamo Pythago-rean
Origin of Ramp Logo
Geometry per5
The Pythagorean Theorem
Pythogras' Theorem (applet)
Geometry Clarifying Activities e1cd
The Pythagorean Theorem is Equivalent to the Parallel Postulate
The Pythagorean Theorem
VEE I.47
Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem
Pythagoras' Playground (by The Event Inventor)
Pythagorean Exploration
Proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem
Pythagorean Theorem/ Science in Ancient Artwork
Discovering the Pythagorean theorem
Packing Pythagorean L's
The Pythagorean Theorem

A short course in trigonometry
Connected Geometry Home Page
Geometry for High-School students
CSUSB Math 129 home page, winter 1999
Introduction to the works of Euclid
The Geometry of War: Introduction
The Geometry Forum/Swarthmore
Mathematical Visualization
Mathematical Visualization Resources
Geometry in Action
Geometry and the Imagination
Viewing Four-dimensional Objects in Three Dimensions
An Introduction To Conic Sections
Geometry Reference Archives at the Geometry Center
Thomas Banchoff's Project List
The Tesseract (or Hypercube)
NonEuclid - Hyperbolic Geometry Article + Software Applet
Hyperpebolic Non-Euclidean World
Math 2507 on line notes
Spanky Fractal Database
Projective Geometry for Image Analysis A Tutorial given at ISPRS, Vienna, July 1996
Differential Geometry notes
Differential Forms
Cartan's Corner


What ARE Clifford Algebras and Spinors?
Differential Forms (mma)
Differential Forms
Orthogonal Series and Boundary Value Problems
Complex Analysis (Garrett)
Functional Analysis (Garrett)
An Introduction to Stochastic Differential Equations
Interactive Real Analysis
Hilbert Space
Topological Space
William Boyce's differentialequations page
Tensor/Vector Analysis (Martin)

Numerical Methods

The Dynamics of Runge--Kutta Methods <P>
MATH/CSE 455 Introduction to Numerical Analysis I
N-body problems

Graph Theory


Directory of /mohar
Published Papers of George Markowsky
James Propp's Partial Listing of Publications
Inverse of a Matrix Related To a Graph.
AT&T: A Catalogue of Lattices
Quantum Logic : Order Structures in Quantum Mechanics
27-190 Discrete Structures in Computer Science: Mathematical Induction
Mutually Complementary Families of $T_{1}$ Topologies, Equivalence Relations and Partial Orders, by Juris Steprans & Stephen Watson
Stephen Watson (topology)
Some results on Alexandroff Spaces., by Francisco G. Arenas
On some weaker forms of Alexandroff spaces

(new)Graph Theory

Helen Chick's Home Page
Ian Goulden's Home Page
A Catalog of Enumeration Algorithm
Algebraic Combinatorics
Algebraic Combinatorics -- Index
Kleitman Combinatorics Conference
Graph Lattices
A Few Graph Theorists' Home Pages
Graph Theory links (Pratt)
Graphs: Theory - Algorithms - Complexity links (Weinert)
Graph Theory (Diestel)
Fan Chung (Combinatorics papers)
Useful things (cheat sheets)

Amazing Mathematical Object Factory
Graph Drawing Server Home Page
Graph Theory
Other Graph Theory and Related Pages
Graph Theory Books 1936 - 1996
graph theory and its applications -- Jonathan Gross and Jay Yellen -- CRC 1998 graph theory, network, planar, graph, theory, discrete, Kuratowski, Euler, Hamilton, algorithm, algebra, map, isomorphism, topology, Heawood, surface, digraph, voltage graph, connectivity, network flow, spanning tree, binary tree, gross, yellen
An Interactive Introduction to Graph Theory
Mathematics for Computer Science (MIT)


Daily Calendar for Vector Calculus by Matthias Kawski
Mathematics Group Preprints (Bath)
PSY6003: Multivariate analysis II: Manifest variables analyses
Multivariate Statistics: Introduction
On the Hauptvermutung (Ranicki) (.pdf)
Definition of a Line
Lectures on integration of several variables
Using Java to Develop Interactive Learning Material for the World-Wide Web

(new) math

Principia Hypertextica: Typesetting
Project Struck (Elastic Interval Geometry)
IMADA Dept of Mathematics and Computer Science
Fractal Differential Equations
The Limits of Mathematics
An introduction to TRIGONOMETRY
Loïc's homepage
Equipe Calcul Formel
Group Theory (Dog School of Mathematics)
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Wilson Stothers' Cabri Pages - Algebra
Wilson Stothers' Cabri Pages - Geometric Proofs
Course Links
NSW HSC On-Line - Maths - Courses - 3 Unit - Mathematical Induction
Proof Methods
Text Proof Tutor
Notes on MATH
Mathematical Induction Made Calculational
Neutral and Non-Euclidean Geometries
Index of /mat214dir/

Zimaths - the October 1998 issue is finally out!
Studies in Automatic Combinatorics
Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics
Gamasutra - Mathematics in Video Games
Combinatorial Mathematics
Number Theory

Online lectures (Audio/Video)

Streaming Mini-Lectures
Streaming frame
Streaming Multimedia, University of Wisconsin -- Madision
Virtual University
Stead Presentation: nTitle 99
Character of Physical Law, The, by Feynman, Richard: Listen to the audiobook on Yahoo! Broadcast
Risk in Everyday Life - Barnett (MIT) - Chance Lecture
Finite Mathematics Lectures Online
Math 112 lectures
Math 313 Lectures
Learner Online -- Video Preview Room
Streaming demonstration example programs
Smith College Department of Mathematics Home Page
SLAC Summer Institute Home Page
Conceptual Physics Alive
Physics : Lectures-On-Demand
Physics : Video Lectures
ISI: Laboratory: Physics Pendulum Experiment
MSRI video archive
The Greenroom
Electronic Circuits Lectures
Audio Recordings of Professor Raj Jain's Lectures
Excel Lectures
Programming Lectures
Quirks & Quarks Home Page
Sounds Like Science: Archives
Science Friday Program Library
Science Wire

Economics/Statistics Education

Econ 351: Index to Lecture Notes
Welcome to oo...Micro!
GAUSS Programming for Econometricians
Queen's U. Economics 351 Section B
Statistics Notes (U. Toronto - Reynolds)

Engineering and Computing Education

Finite Element Method

Finite Element (FElt)
The FElt Demo Document
Grape Software (Finite Element)
Joseph O'Rourke (Computational Geometry)


Unofficial TI-Calculator Home Page, v2.0
TI graphing-calculators
Graphics Calculators
Casio Calculator Programs
Brent Shelton Page
Josh's Homepage: TI-85 Files


Geomatics Horizons
Web servers for Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, & Land Surveying
Mathematics of Cartography
Coordinate Systems Overview
BAE(SSC) 324: Elementary Surveying
Glossary of Surveying Terminology
GCC Lessons Page

Carleton - Engineering Exams
Mechanical Analysis: Structural
NPAC's Virtual University!
Undergraduate Computational Engineering and Sciences Project Homepage

Astronomy Education

What's New in AstroEd
SEDS Messier Database
Hands on Universe
The Nine Planets (Arnett)
Face of Venus
Comet Shoemaker-Levy Home Page (JPL)
Saturn Ring Plane Crossings (JPL)
Bad Astronomy

Chemistry Education

What's New in ChemEd
Periodic Table of the Elements
General Chemistry (UCSD-Wilson)
Physical Chemistry (UCSD-Wilson)
Quantum Chemistry (Brown U)

Earth Science/Geology Education

Joint Education Initiative
Seismic Wave Chapter
JASON Project

Life Sciences Education

What's New at BioEd
The Visible Human Project (NLM)
The Virtual Hospital
Virtual Hospital Multimedia Textbooks (U Iowa)
Neurosciences on the Internet
Pharmaceutical Info Network
Life Sciences (UIUC)
UC Berkeley-Paleontology
Cygnus Group (waste)
Cognitive & Psychological Sciences

Book Sellers

Alibris - Books you thought you'd never find.
WWW Virtual Library: Publishers Books, Music & More! - The World's Largest Bookseller Online, New and Used College Textbooks
BIG WORDS: Online Textbook store. Rent or Buy New and Used textbooks online.
A-Z Technical Bookstore
Computer Literacy - Resources for Technical Minds
BIG WORDS: Online Textbook store. Rent or Buy New and Used textbooks online.
MX BookFinder
Springer-Verlag New York
World Scientific (Singapore)
Powell Technical Books
Opamp Technical Books - Online Catalog
Clarke / Stone (Spokane, WA)
The Advanced Book Exchange Home Page
Bibliofind,books,Booksearch, Antiquarian Books, Old Books, Used Books, Rare Books,bookselling,bookseller
BookFinder: Search over 400,000 books
BookWire Home Page
Open Book Systems (OBS)

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